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Bob Williams, Chairman, Antactica Cup Pty Ltd

"I have had the pleasure of engaging the services of Jolyon Yates in connection with the visual presentation of our fleet of pocket super-yachts, the design and presentation with our event web site, and the design of our event trophies. Jolyon has exceeded our expectations on every score. Not only does he bring the skills of a gifted artist but also a keen understanding of what we are setting out to achieve commercially and is willing to make suggestions which more often than not we have adopted. Meeting our usually tight dead lines has never been a problem. Ihave no hesitation in recommending the services of this gifted man."

Judy Bell-Davis , Director, Bell Design Group Ltd

"Jolyon Yates designed our web site and logo.  He also provides our clientele with 3-D visualization when appropriate.  His skills from concept to detailing to web and print bring clarity and flair to our design projects.  His inherent artistic sensitivity and exactness are what sets Jol apart from other designers.  I always look forward to his technical and artistic input and do not hesitate to recommend him."

Tim Olson, President, Cadsoft Solutions

"Jolyon has been an enthusiastic user and contributor to our design tools for several years now. In the course of his own work, through his constant input, he has driven us to provide faster, more thorough and more designer focused functionality. We are very proud of our 'Concepts' design tools and are delighted that Jol chooses to use them for his industry leading design and visualisation work. We wish him well in his drive for a higher standard of design."

Jay-No Westaway, Design Director, Westaway Ink.

"Jol is passionate about good design. He has unique skills and extensive experience both in New Zealand and internationally. His thorough understanding of the design process, strong conceptual skills and very high standards would be an asset to any discerning client